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Vista, ProgDVB, Twinhan and the headache!

Posted on: April 2, 2007

Well, I decided to go on and upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate. I am quite impressed by the new user interface (Aero) and the several other enhancements though I have been constatly bugged by the several incompatibilites that I ran into!

 To start with, my soundcard (Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1) was detected, but I was only able to use it as a 2 speaker soundcard not a 5.1 speaker setup!

I overcame this problem by installing the unofficial kX drivers (I’ll post about them later).

The other thing that really bugged me was the inability to use my Digital satellite card (Twinhan DTV DVB-S VisionPlus 1025). The supplied WDM drivers that came with the CD crashed Vista into a bluescreen whenever I tried to install or uninstall them. They simply didn’t work with any of the satellite programs (ProgDVB or Windows Media Center).

The drivers that are automatically installed by Windows don’t cause problems, though they are not of any help because the programs simply won’t detect the card. I really like to use ProgDVB as I got used to it and I’m not so much into a home theatre PC setup (yet). The automatically installed drivers didn’t work here either.

 Fortunatley, Twinhan provided updated drivers on their website ( .. look for BDA driver and download the one appropriate for your model number (you’ll find it on the barcode on the box). Installing these BDA drivers didn’t help me much in trying to use the card in ProgDVB!

I stumbled upon a nice Media Center style program called Mediaportal (, so I decided to give it a try. With the drivers I just downloaded (you have to restart first!), I went ahead and configured Mediaportal and guess what, it detected my card and started scanning for channels 😀

Now, this isn’t the good part. The good part is that now when you open ProgDVB and open the “Device list” dialoge from the Settings menu, you can find a new device called “{BDA} MediaPortal DVB-S”..I decided to select it ad guess what, IT WORKED!


 Now I can enjoy using my ProgDVB on Vista 🙂
Hope this could be of help to anybody! I’ll post about the Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1 soon.


16 Responses to "Vista, ProgDVB, Twinhan and the headache!"


I have a TwinhanDTV Model 1025 Satellite card.
Where can I download the available Win vista driver?

Kind Regards,

For your soundBlaster Use 7.1 in windows Vista 🙂
I tried it and 7.1 is now working as 5.1 now.

Many thanks! I also tried a lot of houres and it didn’t work 😉 I gave up and used my working TwinhanDTV … =)


I would like to buy second-hand on ebay
Twinhan DTV 1030D PCI SAT-CI DVB-S

The sellers says there is no CI interface integrated….you have to buy it separate!

On the photo, I altough see a CI slot!

big difference in 1030 and 1034?

Should I buy this card?



How do I install these BDA drivers? Just a bunch of INF files? Install all?


any one can help?!
i have 1025 twinhad card installed on my vista system
but when i run progdvb i got a message PDA not founnd !!!
i found 1025 pda, but i do not know how to istall it, anyone can help?


I had twinhan DTV 20025 tv card.Already i installed driver from site but it doesn’t show terrestial setup active what can i do please mail me if you know


salut j’arrive pas à utiliser ma télécommande avec le prog dvb s qu’il y a une solution

i tried to download my TwinhanDTV on windows Vista but i couldn’t. can u help?

hi,i have same problem as what u have.i’d like u to help me plz.

thank you very much
the problem solved
you save to me buying a new tv card

i installed 2 twinhan 3250 cards in a pc to use as a dvr
installed vista home premium 1 card works fine the other one doesn’t seem to work media center recognizes it but says to check antenna

dose anyone know how to fix this

hey bro ….
i have the 1025 just like u and I didn’t find any update 4 my model(1025) on the web u’ve wrotten on the 2pic

I hope a help from u


i have a vision plus dtv magic box, model vp-7041b,(external box)
i have a vista home premium 32bit 2gb laptop.

when i try the driver it came with 2.43, the software loads, but on scanning… doesnt scan .. it hangs.
when installing new 3.4 version it says no recognised device connected.
i also have problems now of the vista trying to install drivers and sometimes the vista hangs or crashes, now whenever i turn on the laptop (even after uninstalling dtv) vista first tries to install new drivers and fails to find them…!!! i have also had it mess up with the startup and had to use system repair and restore.

which drivers should i use..should i first uninstall some drivers which the vista tries to find? even thoiugh i uninstalled the application the box came with? a link would be good…. if i have to do 2 or 3 things pls tell me the steps and give the links pleeeeeeze

..i would like this to work..or did i just waste my money?

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