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Slow Facebook – Facebook got an F

Posted on: May 27, 2008

My experience with Facebook has been getting slower lately so I decided I wanted to know why that happened. I used Firefox and Firebug with YSlow extensions in order to determine what the hell was taking so long for my homepage. Here is a screenshot of the YSlow performance analysis.

Facebook YSlow Performance

Looking closer at those results, it appears that what is taking the page so long to load is the number of HTTP requests that are going on:

Number of HTTP requests

In addition to the total size of the files being transferred:

Total data transferred

Come on Facebook developers, you could do better!


5 Responses to "Slow Facebook – Facebook got an F"

You clearly have no idea what your talking about.

You clearly have no education, as you cannot spell. That’s likley to indicate you are an idiot.

Or, in your language, “your an idiot”


I think it’s funny when someone thinks their smart any say someones stupid even thought they have no idea of wuts being said hahaha just makes them look stupid.

Maybe..I was bored and I had a new tool

thanks ! im happy to know that it isnt just me, i thought i had a virus or something.. ^,_,^ is there a way to revert back to the old layout ?

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