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This was my bachelor thesis that I have done as part of my studies for a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the German University in Cairo.

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Indoor Localization Using Wireless LAN/WiFi Infrastructure

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Indoor Localization using Wireless LAN/WiFi Infrastructure

The rapid advances in wireless technology as well as in the manufacturing of portable devices caused a growing interest in location aware services. A location sensing
system responsible for locating a mobile user, is a crucial factor for the success of such services. With the prevalence of wireless hotspots and wireless area networks, the use of a wireless network infrastructure as basis for an indoor positioning system becomes a viable option. In this work, we propose an indoor guide system that provides information about points of interest and objects within the vicinity of the user. Our system can be deployed on a university campus or inside a museum equipped with a wireless network.

The system uses the fingerprinting technique to associate position dependent information such as the strength of the received signal with a location. A range based matching algorithm for matching the physical signal strength with the fingerprints in the database is used and its performance is compared to an Euclidean distance based matching algorithm. The properties of the wireless signals and their distribution under several controlled experiments are analyzed.

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